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To this end, claimants are encouraged to provide further information or evidence when applying for a MR, including when they are contacted by telephone.Although the provision of further information or evidence could increase the chances of a successful MR, it may also delay the process.Written requests should clearly state that an application for MR of a particular decision is being made.One of the government’s justifications for introducing MR was that it would enable decisions to be reconsidered in the light of further evidence, avoiding the need for so many appeals.

It may, however, be in a claimant’s interest to obtain and submit further evidence to increase the prospect of a favourable MR and avoid the need to pursue an appeal.Claimants should be aware of the following difficulties which can arise when claiming JSA pending an ESA dispute.Claims should be made by telephone, but claimants must then attend an interview at the jobcentre to complete their claim and a job-seeker’s agreement or claimant commitment (see below).It appears, for example, that where a claimant indicates that s/he can submit further written evidence, the decision maker will postpone the MR for a month.Unless, therefore, the claimant can submit compelling evidence within a month which is likely to result in a successful MR, it may be better to wait until the appeal stage to provide further evidence.

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