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Can sharing business models be applied in the energy sector? Which factors influence sustainable entrepreneurial actions in the sharing economy?Around 30 researchers from different academic backgrounds came together for the i-share research workshop at the University of Mannheim on November 8th 2017 to discuss these questions.As cities become more and more important to health and prosperity of nations it is vital policy makers and planners have a greater understanding of the complex systems that are inherent within cities.Much of the current research focuses on the short to medium term timescale (up to 3 years in the future). Researchers from 15 countries will present their current work on the sharing economy.We invite researchers, Ph D students and students interested in the sharing economy to discuss these research projects.Who should we engage and how can we engage them in planning future cities?

Paul Cowie, Newcastle University, UK: [email protected] Prof.Contributions can be conceptual, methodological or empirical. From which perspectives do researchers study the sharing economy?How can the sharing economy contribute to social sustainability in Germany?What this session seeks to do is lift the gaze of academics and practitioners to the long term of future of cities and their regions, to at least 2065, and to seek to answer four key questions.How can we model systems in order to better understand the challenges facing cities (sustainability, climate change, migration, demography, social instability, financial volatility and equality)? How can this long term future planning be used to inform strategic planning today?

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